Do you rent or sell costumes?

Both! We have a wide selection of costumes for sale and for rent, in all of our categories.


Do you have vintage clothing?
Yes! We have an entire room of vintage clothing for sale. 


Do you consign? Can I sell you my vintage clothes?

Currently we are not purchasing items due to COVID-19. However, donations of vintage clothing are always appreciated! 


What sort of things do you have in store?

We have everything from goth to Grecian! Our wide selection of purchase costumes is available on the website or in-store. Rentals are in-store only. 


Do you accept Apple Pay/Android pay? 

Currently we are able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks or digital forms of payment. 


How much do rentals cost?

Rentals start at $10 per piece and go up from there! It really depends on what you pick out. For example, a pirate shirt will probably be $10-15. An elaborate pirate coat could run you as much as $125.


Do you rent props?

Nope! We do have a few larger accessories that you might consider props, such as fake weaponry or our famous 90s brick phone. 


Do I need a reservation to come in? 

Nope! Come in anytime within opening hours to rent or purchase. Currently we are open 11am-6pm, Tuesday thru Saturday. 


How do rentals work?

Rentals can be reserved as far in advance as you like, and picked up the day before or the day of your event. Our rentals go in our back room until you pick them up to ensure that no one else wears your item until you are ready for it! All we require is that you pay the rental fee up front. Security deposits are only deducted if an item is severely damaged, unreturned, or lost. 


What will I need to rent an item?

You will need to bring your driver’s license/ID and a credit or debit card that we can put on file. 


If I forget to return my rental, will there be a late fee?
Yes! We charge a $10/day fee for late rentals. Failure to return a rented item is considered theft and we WILL call the police.


Do I need to wash my rental before I return it?

Nope! We do the cleaning for you. No extra fee. 


Do you clean your rental items?

All of our rental items are washed or dry-cleaned and sanitized before being returned to the rental floor. 


Do you carry contact lenses? How much do they cost?

Yes! We have a wide variety of contact lenses available in-store or on our website. Our contacts are high-quality long wear, not throw-away lenses. A pair of contacts will generally run you $45. Prescription lenses are an extra $10 and require a week to receive. 


Do you sell masks?

Yes! We have COVID masks, steampunk masks, masquerade masks, and scary rubber Halloween masks!


Do you sell plus sized costumes?

Yes! We carry a lot of items in sizes 1X-4X. Keep in mind that our plus size items are popular and sell out quickly, so we may have to order it for you. 


Do you carry accessories too?

Yes! We have hats, shoes, costume jewelry, wigs, makeup, canes, masks, glasses, gloves, hose, weapons, and more!


How can I submit a photo of my costume to your site?

You can tag us on Facebook or post your photo to our Facebook page!


Are you on social media?

Yes! Here is our Facebook page and Instagram


Do you have kids’ costumes?

We have a small selection of children’s costumes size 6-14 for rent and sale. Most of what we have in stock is “book report” type costumes (Benjamin Franklin, etc.). 


Do you rent mascot costumes? Do you have someone who will come to my party as a mascot or princess?

Yes we have a great selection of mascot costumes for rent! You can find a mascot actor on our Recommendations Page. We currently do not hire out mascot actors, only the costumes. 


Do you do layaway?

Yes! Layaways require a 30% payment up front and the rest can be paid off on your schedule for up to a year. If your item has not been paid off within the year it will be returned to the sales floor. No refund will be issued. 


Do you have stuff for cosplay?

We have some great pieces that can be used for cosplay but we do not have specific cosplays in store. 


Do you sell/rent Santa costumes?

Both! Reserve yours today by calling (757) 428-2332. 


Do you rent to theaters? 

Yes! Come in store and pick out what you need. 


Do I get a discount for being nonprofit?

No, sorry. 


Do you give a military discount?

No, we do not currently give military discounts.


Will you hold an item for me?

Items can be held for 24 hours only. We do not hold items during the month of October. 


Can I return my item?

We do not accept returns or give refunds. Depending on the circumstance you may be given store credit. 


Can I exchange my item?

You can exchange your purchase or rental item for up to 24 hours. 


Do you do gift certificates or gift cards? 

Yes! Order yours by calling (757) 428-2332. 


What makeup do you sell?
Check out our makeup selection here!


Can you order something specific for me? 

Sure! Come visit us in-store and look in our catalogs. We can also order items such as specific corset sizes, etc. 

Do you have a discount for makeup artists?
Yes! Bring in your certification and receive 20% off most makeup purchases.