MagiCake Aqua Paint Palettes - 6 Colors

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Indispensible for busy artists, especially body and face painters. Six or twelve indispensible shades are available in refillable metal palettes. Includes No. 7 Flat Brush. Refills available in all 42 shades. Expect 25-100 applications per color CFK-6 Net Wt. .84oz./24gm. (not pictured). Shades: RM-1, 5, 7, 9, 112, 3.

Ben Nye Makeup Magicake Face Painting Palettes come in a wide variety of colors that provide the essentials to design virtually any configuration. The Ben Nye Makeup Magicake Face Painting Palettes is for the Professional and the metal box is ideal for face painters and artists on-the-go. All Magicake Palettes shades are available as refills (02/rm). Empty 6 color Palette Box (02/bxe6) and 12 color Palette Box (02/bxe12) available to fill as you wish. USE 02/RM upgrades for Palette REFILLS. CKF-14 Creature Palette is filled with 5 Death Color Cake shades: Cadaver Grey, Frankenstein, Pale Vampire, Blue Spirit and zombie favorite, Light Ivory. Additional colors include new MagiCake FX shades Maroon, Bile, Vein, Purple, Black & Blue, plus Licorice Black and Cloud White. CFK-16 Our FX Palette offers invaluable shades for ultra-realism. All are blended with pigments from Ben Nye's Ultimate FX Creme Series. New MagiCake FX colors include Dark Burgundy, Sallow Green, Burnt Coral, Purple, Deep Bruise, Black & Blue, Fresh Cut and Blood Red. In recent testing at the Vancouver Film School, the new colors received praise for color intensity and durability on skin and prosthetics. CFK-18 Body paint artists, Cosplayers and Anime fans will find inspiration in our vivid brights and pastels that are complimented with Lumière Grande Colours Silver and Aztec Gold. All hydrate quickly for rich, durable painting. Lumière shades also apply brilliantly in dry form.


  • CFK6 Shades: RM-1 Cloud White, RM-5 Bright Red, RM-7 Stormy Blue,RM-9 Sunshine