Ol' Scratch Halloween Devil Mask

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Sculpted by Neal Kennemore

Ol' Scratch, the overlord of all the dukes of Hell, rules by both might and wit.ᅠ He is physically stronger than any other devil and the most cunning and artful. ᅠHis mighty palace rests upon the floor of the lowest rift in Hell's ninth plane.ᅠ His servants are all the demons and lesser devils of the underworld and, once per year, he commands the arch-devils to attend his court and pay homage.

With this incredible full head mask, now you can be the ultimate overload of all evil!

Inspired by the Arch-Devil, Asmodeus, Neal Kennemore delivered this masterpiece to Trick or Treat Studios.ᅠYou will marvel at the detail of this Devil Halloween Mask! Complete with horns, helm, and vintage Devil goatee, Ol' Scratch is ready to rule the living and the damned.

In addition to our tale, Ol' Scratch was seen in the amazing film by the Epic Pictures Group, Tales of Halloween. In this classic Halloween film, ten short stories revolve around ghosts, ghouls, monsters, the devil, aliens, and ax murderers who terrorize a suburb on Halloween night.